West Point Deli Plus West Point Deli Plus
Corropolese catering
Meatballs, Roast Beef, Tomato Pies, 9" Cakes

West Point Deli 215 699-8207
5 AM to 10 PM Monday - Friday
5 AM to 9 PM Saturday
6 AM to 9 PM Sunday

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Corropolese Cakes

Decorated Cakes - 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet, and full sheet

Green Mountain Coffee Coffee and Cappuccino
Assorted Blends Available Daily
We feature Green Mountain Coffee
Green Mountain Coffee

Daily Specials!!
Bagels, Donuts, Muffins
Party Trays Made to Order

 Credit Cards
Major Credit Cards

Marathon Gas

ATM Machine

Pennsylvania Lottery
Pennsylvania Lottery


Dot DeStefano, Manager.
Dot DeStefano, Manager.

Sandwich Guy
Dietz and Watson
 Meats and Cheeses

Rolls and Tomato Pie
Available Daily

Shoo Fly Pies
Corropolese Cakes

Gift Cards Available
Gift cards

We carry milk, bread, eggs, hotdog and hamburger rolls, ice, snacks, chips, cakes, sodas, fruit drinks, iced teas, juices, bottled water, energy drinks, Tastycakes, candy bars and ice cream.

"Grab - n - Go" Breakfast & Lunch Items Available, both Hot and Cold
Grocery and Convenience Items
Fountain Sodas /
Milk Shakes / Smoothies

Cigarettes, newspapers, over the counter medications (Bayer aspirin, Excedrin, Claritin, etc) tooth brushes and other sundries, salt, sugar, pasta, condiments, canned soups and other groceries, greeting cards, dog food, motor oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, gasoline cans, work gloves, and more.

West Point Deli Plus
Proudly serving the area for over 45 years!

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